25 juin 2007 : le premier jeu Wii en ligne

Il s'agira de Pokemon Battle Revolution. Ce sera aussi le premier jeu qui utilisera la connexion Wii-DS.


Nintendo Reveals Strong Second-Quarter Lineup for Wii, Nintendo DS

REDMOND, Wash., March 7, 2007 – Wii™ owners of all ages have discovered the fun of playing with a group of friends in the same room. Now for the first time players can compete with one another near and far with Pokémon® Battle Revolution, a game of remarkable firsts:

  • the first Wii game to include Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection play
  • the first Pokémon game for Wii
  • the first game to link Wii and the hand-held Nintendo DS™
  • and the first Wii game that can be controlled using Nintendo DS
  • When Wii and Nintendo DS are linked, players can use their Nintendo DS units as controllers or import characters from the upcoming Nintendo DS games Pokémon® Diamond Version or Pokémon® Pearl Version. Pokémon Battle Revolution launches on June 25 exclusively for Wii and brings a dramatic new chapter to the Pokémon franchise, which has sold more than 155 million units worldwide. Pokémon Battle Revolution also serves as one of the standouts in Nintendo’s second-quarter launch lineup, which the company revealed today in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

    Pokémon Battle Revolution will be joined by Super Paper Mario™, the first Mario™ game for Wii; Mario Party® 8, a multiplayer party game; and Big Brain Academy™, a brain-training game that builds on the phenomenal success of the Nintendo DS brain games. These will add to the ever-growing library of Wii games, which will total more than 50 by the end of June. Nintendo DS fans will see the arrival of Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version, two surefire smash-hits.

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